"...Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

-Mary Oliver


The sanskrit word yoga means “yoke”, “union”, the integration of body mind and spirit. To me , it is all about prana, life force, flowing freely through the body. Far from just being a series of physical exercises, the practice of yoga is really an energetic practice, all about removing energetic block in the muscles, freeing memories and resolving energy drains. As prana flows more freely, the body becomes still and comfortable and the mind relaxes. Body, breath and mind are intimately connected, so calming the body and/or breath has the effect of calming the mind, and the aches and pains of the body may be relieved as well. As we cultivate stability,  flexibility and strength  in the body, we are also creating the same in the mind.

P1000784I call the yoga that I offer “mindful yoga” because  it is all about paying attention, moment to moment, nonjudgmentally, to where the body is in each new moment and adjusting accordingly. It is my opinion that everyone can do yoga-even if it is just visualizing the poses! It is  important to me to introduce you to the experience of fully inhabiting your own body, learning to know what is called for in each moment, and learning to work within your limits and abilities. We practice according to Patanjali’s 8 limbed path of yoga, focusing especially on the yamas of  ahimsa-not causing harm, and  satya- truthfulness, as we move through classes.

The sanskrit work for posture is asana, which means “comfortable seat”. So if it’s not easy, and it’s not comfortable, it’s not yoga!

I am certified in Integrative Yoga therapy at the 200 hour level, registered with the Yoga Alliance, and have a particular love for mudra and breath work as well as some Ayurvedic yoga that I am exploring thanks to my work with Amadea Morningstar. As with everything, my yoga teaching  continues to deepen and evolve thanks to my personal practice and all my gracious students…

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